Radio New Zealand (October 2018)

Kathryn Ryan, host of Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon, interviews Dr. Rice live, on the importance of name pronunciation and cultural proficiency in the classroom. Read or listen here.

District Administration Magazine (October 2018)

Matt Zalaznik for District Administration Magazine on name pronunciation in K-12 here.

American Bazaar (August 2018)

A discussion with American Bazaar Magazine about the work of ISAASE, South Asian American students’ experiences, outreach efforts, and how families and educators might support students. Read more here.

The Teal Mango (August 2018)

The Teal Mango covers Dr. Rice’s research and the work of ISAASE in a feature here).

Quartz at Work (October 2018 - Aisha Hassan discusses culturally sensitive names to learn unfamiliar names, cites Dr. Rice’s research here).

The Teal Mango (October 2018 - A film review cites Dr. Rice’s research on students’ experiences in the classroom to support the claim that teachers do not often understand their South Asian American students).

Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent (October 2018 - In a text created for teachers, school superintendent shares Dr. Rice’s advice on striving for improvement rather than perfection in context of name pronunciation; read it here).

AALA (April 2018 - In the April edition of their Board Newsletter, the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles features Dr. Rice’s research; see the the PDF of their newsletter here).

Token (April 2018 - The weekly online magazine focusing on diverse representation and narratives, includes links to ISAASE in an issue on stereotypes; see that past issue here).

Education Northwest (January 2018 - Northwest Matters, the blog of “Education Northwest” features a piece by researcher Lauren Bates on how welcoming, safe schools can help stop the spread of hate and cites Dr. Rice’s research; more here).

The Mashup Americans (Early 2018 -  The site dedicated to talking about culture, race, religion, identity, and what it means to be American, features some of Dr. Rice’s writing in this roundup).

The Baltimore Sun

Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Johns Hopkins University School of Education
Johns Hopkins University School of Education