ISAASE - Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences

Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences (ISAASE)

In Updates by Punita Rice

Sharing some exciting news. For the past three years, I’ve been working on getting ISAASE, an outreach organization dedicated to improving South Asian American students’ experiences, off the ground. This past month, we finally launched.

ISAASE is an outreach organization I started in order to address some of the issues uncovered through my research. The official aim of ISAASE is…

To improve South Asian American students’ experiences, in K-12 and beyond, through research into students’ experiences, outreach efforts to spread awareness and build buy-in, and promoting teacher cultural proficiency by sharing information with teachers, and working with school districts to offer professional development.

My doctoral research at Johns Hopkins University focused around the perceptions South Asian Americans have about their K-12 experiences in school. Some of the key research findings suggest that South Asian Americans’ experiences in schools could have been better, they didn’t always get the support they needed, and that teachers tended to believe the “model minority stereotype” (which isn’t good).

Ultimately, the goal is to improve students’ overall experiences, through advocacy, support, outreach, and by offering resources to teachers to improve cultural proficiency, and offering sources of support and comfort to students (including our upcoming “Be Inspired” project).

P.S. – Why research on South Asian American students matters, or read the full story of how/why ISAASE started here.