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Find your weird and run with it

In Updates by Punita Rice

Last month, I shared a guest post about one of my favorite weird lessons, over on the blog of Doug Robertson writer of “He’s The Weird Teacher,” and the usual host of the weekly #WeirdEd Twitter chat (Wednesdays at 10pm EST). Weird Ed is a chat for teachers and other education leaders to come together to chat about all things weird that they do in the classroom. As Doug says,

“You just gotta find your weird and run with it as hard as you can.”

Doug Robertson, aka The Weird Teacher

One of the ways I ran with my weird as a teacher was through teaching one of my favorite lessons — a lesson about the theory of the technological singularity, and applying major concepts from our curriculum to that theory / using that theory as a lens for engaging more deeply with the concepts from our curriculum. Definitely weird stuff. As a guest blogger for Doug’s site, that’s the lesson I wrote about (and then co-hosted the Twitter chat about! Visit the #WeirdEd hashtag to peruse some of the conversation).

You can read my guest post over on Doug’s site here. I’ve also written previously about this lesson (you can read more about that here), and about why I think teachers will have to do more to teach students “philosophical thinking skills,” especially in the future (you can read that here).

Thanks Doug for having me on your site! You can follow Doug on Twitter here.