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The Journey to Ed.D

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Here, I’m sharing links to posts for anyone pursuing their Doctorate in Education, and/or an online doctorate in education. If you’re contemplating an EdD, hopefully this post will be helpful to you. You can also search or explore this blog and find posts related to working on a Doctorate in Education. I’ll share a similar post in the future as I add more content related to life after the doctorate in education…

On online doctoral programs (doctor of education)…

Surviving and Succeeding in an Online Doctoral Program

On pregnancy and the online doctorate of education…

An Overview of Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate of Education

Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate? – How to Decide

Three Ways Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate Are a Perfect Match

On academic writing…

5 Basics of Decreasing Word Count

KonMari your Writing!

How a “Pre-Mortem” can help you refine your dissertation goal