The Aerogram - Why Research On South Asian American Students Matters

Teachers and South Asian American Students

In Updates by Punita Rice

I wrote another article for The Aerogram on some of the key findings of my research on teachers and South Asian American students. Specifically, the article provides a (brief) overview of South Asian American students’ experiences in schools. Here’s the gist:

Teachers don’t know much about South Asian American students. Teachers lack cultural proficiency as related to their South Asian American students (cultural proficiency means having cultural knowledge, personal and interpersonal awareness and sensitivities, and skills that enable teachers to effectively teach in multicultural environments).

If you’d like to read the whole thing, you can do so here.

P.S. – Here’s the first article I wrote for The Aerogram, on why research on South Asian Americans matters, and here’s the data from my outreach organization, ISAASE. (And you can click here to learn more about ISAASE.)