Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences

Dr. Rice's primary work is tied to her area of research, centered around South Asian American students. Her current projects center around improving the overall experiences of South Asian American students in K-12 settings. You can learn more about some of her projects below.


Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences

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Dr. Rice founded ISAASE as an organization that aims to improve South Asian American students' experiences through outreach and advocacy. Current key initiatives include the Teacher Cultural Proficiency Initiative (TCPI), the Diversity & Representation Initiative (DRI), and the Family Outreach Initiative (FOI), which include a variety of projects, aimed at providing resources and services to students, families, teachers and other education leaders, and the community at large. Visit for more information, or to get involved.

You can learn a bit more about some of ISAASE's initiatives and projects below.


Information about other projects in progress coming soon. 

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