Jashvina Shah - Journalist - Fashion and Sports

“You’re Going to Regret Not Trying”

In Updates by Punita Rice

Earlier this year I mentioned my outreach organization ISAASE‘s “Be Inspired” project. (In case you missed the post, it’s here). For the project, I connected with journalist Jashvina Shah about navigating the world of sports journalism (which isn’t exactly known for its welcoming attitude towards women), establishing a subscription service to a private sports reporting site, and why she loves working in journalism. She also said something that really stood out:

“There is a chance it might not work, but you’re going to regret not trying to do it.”

The comment was made in context of what she’d tell young aspiring journalists, but I thought it was valuable advice for anyone pursuing a passion.

Jashvina is such an inspiration – not only to young South Asian Americans, or to aspiring journalists, but to all women. You can read the full interview here.

P.S. – An interview with the founder of a nonprofit, and more information about the Be Inspired project.