Dr. Rice can present, lecture, and provide keynote addresses for conferences, professional development leaders, K-12 schools, universities, and for organizations, community, social, and civic groups, or businesses.


Speaking Topics Include

  • Cultural proficiency, competence and literacy
  • South Asian American students' experiences
  • The role of cultural competence in students' socioemotional connectedness to school
  • The role of cultural competence in academic support
  • The model minority myth
  • Diversity and representation in educational leadership

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ISAASE Workshops

Dr. Rice can also be contacted for to present and run workshops through ISAASE: Workshops for educators, including teachers, principals, counselors, related to strategies for better supporting students from diverse backgrounds, including South Asian American students, especially as related to avoiding stereotypes (e.g. the model minority stereotype). The end-goal of these workshops is to improve cultural proficiency.