American Bazaar interviewed Dr. Punita Rice about research on South Asian American student experiences, and ISAASE. (Dr. Punita Rice interview with American Bazaar.)

An Interview with American Bazaar

In Updates by Punita Rice

About a month ago, I chatted with Jayshal Sood of American Bazaar Magazine about the work of ISAASE. In the interview, we talked about my research findings, including the reality that South Asian American students are diverse, may have less-than-ideal experiences in school, and don’t always get support they need from teachers. We also chatted about low teacher cultural proficiency, bias, discrimination, and various challenges South Asian American kids may face in schools. Plus: common issues South Asian American kids encounter, ISAASE’s ongoing projects and initiatives, the prevalence of stereotypes, the role of government policy in student experiences (and perceptions of South Asian American kids), how ISAASE is trying to address these issues, and what families can do to support their kids. The interview just went up this week – if you’re interested, here’s a link to read the full interview.

P.S. –¬†Here’s some information about the ISAASE Be Inspired Project, and you can learn more about ISAASE here.