Rice examines South Asian American students' experiences.


Punita Chhabra Rice's research, through Johns Hopkins University's School of Education, focuses on the K-12 experiences of South Asian Americans in the United States, especially in context of teachers' cultural proficiency and the model minority myth. Rice is also the founder of ISAASE ("Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences").


Rice's current projects are focused on her primary research area.


Rice's primary work is tied to her research area. Her current projects center around improving the overall experiences of South Asian American students. View specific projects below.


Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences

Visit ISAASE.org

ISAASE is Rice's outreach organization, which aims to improve South Asian American students' experiences through research, outreach, and promoting teacher cultural proficiency. Visit ISAASE.org for more information or to get involved.

Information on Rice's Book coming soon

Forthcoming Book based on Rice's Research

This project is in development

Rice is in the process of developing a book based on the primary findings of her doctoral research through Johns Hopkins University's School of Education. More information about this project, including a projected timeline for release, will be available soon.