Ever wondered why we say “head in the clouds” or “butterflies in your stomach?" Hunny and Sunny are here to unravel these mysteries in their uniquely fun way!

The newest story in "The Adventures of Hunny & Sunny" series is here! In "Hunny & Sunny Learn About Idioms,” take a dive into the imaginative world of language with Hunny Bunny and Sunny Bunny, as they make sense of quirky idioms in their own delightful way!

What does it mean to have your “head in the clouds” or “butterflies in your stomach”? Join Hunny and Sunny on a lively journey as they explore these expressions, along with more, like “a piece of cake” and “raining cats and dogs.” Hunny & Sunny will help make each idiom an exciting, educational adventure.

Perfect for kids who take things very literally, are fascinated by new sayings, who giggle at funny expressions, and anyone of any age who loves discovering the meanings behind words. Embark on this fantastic journey with Hunny and Sunny – where learning meets adventure and imagination knows no bounds!

“A must-read not only for South Asian American students and educators, but also for anyone who teaches or works in higher education today.”

—Ajay Nair, President, Arcadia University

South Asian American Experiences in Schools: Brown Voices from the Classroom combines original research with deep examination of existing scholarly and popular works to offer a look at what it means to be Brown in American K-12 schools.

Based on Dr. Punita Rice's research, conducted through Johns Hopkins University's School of Education, the book focuses on South Asian American research participants' K-12 experiences, especially in context of teacher cultural proficiency and belief in the model minority myth. The book offers anecdotes, quotes, and quantitative data, examined through the lens of today's society, to provide guidance for how educators, policymakers, and the community might improve experiences for South Asian American–and all students–in our increasingly diverse schools.

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About Punita

Dr. Punita Rice is the author of research book South Asian American Experiences in Schools, and the children's book series, The Adventures of Hunny & Sunny, as well as the book Toddler Weaning: Deciding to Gradually Wean your Toddler & Making it Happen. Her work is published in Berkeley Review of Education, Education Week Teacher, The Baltimore Sun, The Establishment, and others (see the writing page). Dr. Rice is also the founder of the Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences resource-hub (ISAASE.org), and is a former teacher and academic adviser with Johns Hopkins University School of Education. She holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, a Masters in teaching from Loyola University Maryland, and a Doctorate in Education, with a focus on Entrepreneurial Leadership from Johns Hopkins University. She transitioned from education to community outreach for businesses in 2021. She works in business infrastructure and operations, and writes children's books in her spare time. Dr. Rice is based in Maryland.